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Promoting the Arts in Fenland

Fenland Arts is a registered charity founded in the 1980s to enable people living in the Fenland District Council area to enjoy greater access to the arts. It publicises existing arts activity through a leaflet and a website, and also seizes opportunities to develop new arts activities in Fenland.

It does this in various ways:

Fenland Arts works closely with Fenland District Council, the four Town Councils in the district and other arts organisations in Cambridgeshire. It receives a grant from Fenland District Council for its core activities, and grants from other sources for specific projects.

See the latest Annual Report for examples of Fenland Arts activities.

Fenland Arts has a membership of arts and community groups, as well as individual arts enthusiasts. Visit the Contact Us page for more details about the benefits of joining Fenland Arts.

The District of Fenland

For more information visit the website of Fenland District Council.

The Arts Scene in Fenland

Fenland has a rich heritage of local arts activity, much of it generated by imaginative and energetic volunteers. One of the oldest working theatres in the country, The Angles Theatre, is located in Wisbech. This 18th Century, 112 seat theatre offers a year round programme of drama, music and dance performances, as well as a home to the Isle College Performing Arts course. > www.anglestheatre.org.uk.

In summer 2005 a new arts venue was launched at the refurbished March Town Hall.

Village halls, youth and community centres, churches, schools, museums, pubs and market places are also used for all kinds of arts events, workshops and exhibitions. There are many thriving drama, dance, operatic, writing and visual arts groups in Fenland, catering for all age groups. To find out more click here to go to the Arts Clubs and Groups page.

arts @ March Town Hall

arts @ March Town Hall was sparked into life with The Big April Fool Week, a series of hands-on drama, music and visual arts events around Fenland during April 2005. This was followed with the Grand Launch and Open House weekend at the Town Hall itself in June 2005. Since then exhibitions, workshops and performances have followed.

A grant from Objective 2 (via March Civic Trust) funded the 12-month appointment of an Arts Programme Development Manager, to set up the programme and establish an identity for the venue. This post came to an end in early 2006 and the post holder, Joseph Ballard, has moved on to a new job managing Peterborough Festival for Peterborough City Council.

There have been several partners involved in the first year of arts @ March Town Hall. March Civic Trust is a key player, as is the Fenland Visual Arts Collective, whose members have undertaken much work on the exhibitions in the Café at the Town Hall.

The continuation of the post, now combined with a role in the wider administration of Fenland Arts work, has been made possible from Fenland Arts own resources and by a reallocation of work formerly undertaken by freelancers.

The future funding of the arts programme at March Town Hall is the subject of grant applications that are currently in hand.

Fenland Market Entertainments

The Market Entertainments programme began in 2004 and is a collaboration with Fenland District Council, from whom it receives a grant, and other partners. Features of the programme to date have been street theatre, music and dance at each of the towns in Fenland and entertainment at the Christmas Market in Wisbech. Often events are designed to link with other initiatives such as
Wisbech Rose Fair, the French markets and the Summer Arts programme. Fenland Arts is the co-ordinator of Fenland Market Entertainments.

Fenland Summer Arts

Fenland Summer Arts is jointly funded by Fenland District Council and each of the four Town Councils in Fenland. Fenland Arts acts in a co-ordinating role. In some instances Fenland Arts takes on the artistic direction and management of events on behalf of a Town Council, whilst in others a local organisation will do this.

The Summer Arts take the form of free or low-cost, family-friendly events during the school holidays. Last year this included free, open air performances in Chatteris and Whittlesey, March Summer Festival weekend and various events in and around Wisbech town centre.

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