Welcome to Fenland Arts!

The British Art scene is a wild and vibrant one, full of richness and dense texture. In every nook and cranny of the country you’ll find fascinating work by writers, painters, actors, musicians – and the Fenlands are no different!

Comprising the north-eastern corner of Cambridgeshire, the Fenlands are predominantly made up of fertile flat-lands which has contributed to the county’s deep relationship with agriculture. The people of the Fenlands are intertwined with nature in such a way that you’ll find the artist they work they produced is often heavily influenced by it. Painters depict rural scenes, or attempt to capture the myriad of wildlife in vivid form, whilst musicians draw from centuries of folkloric tradition to create new bodies of work that are pastoral and modern at the same time.

This website is a spotlight on the work of artists of all kind in the Fenlands and surrounding areas. Gleaning what we can from the internet, the team here will attempt to keep you and the rest of the world up to date on the exhibitions, shows and performances that our Fenland Artists are creating within the Fenland area and beyond!